Meet the Ladies

Well folks – its time to meet my crew, my ladies. These are the girls who have graciously agreed to stand up with me on the day of my wedding. They have also inadvertently agreed to hear me whine, complain, stress out plan for and more or less be obsessed with all details of my wedding. 🙂 They are amazing women and I couldn’t imagine this day without them, so I would love for you to meet them!


First up, we have my best friend Caitlin Wilson. Caitlin is a great woman and honestly one of my favorite people in the world. While this picture may lead you to believe that Caitlin has settled down and is leading a mild mannered life, I don’t want you to be fooled friends. Her hobbies include: solving crime, hosting star studded dinner parties, and driving ambulances. According to my sources, the last one is more of an occupation than a hobby, but we aren’t going to argue over details. She really is an amazing woman though. 🙂 The love she shows to the people around her is a hallmark of her personality. Her heart for God is truly amazing and she is an inspiration to me and how she lives out her faith every day. I couldn’t imagine having this day without her by my side and I am so happy that she and her husband are going to be able to come. 🙂


Next on the list is my best friend Callie. She is not only a loving aunt, but also a culinary aficionado. Her main specialty is meatballs and rice with a dessert course of scurvy bars. 🙂 Time spent with Callie is never complete without cooking, movie marathons, and lots of laughter. She is completely hilarious and I love spending as much time with her as I can. 🙂 More than anything though I love her heart for God and her commitment to her faith, not matter where she is or who is around her. I am so thankful that she has agreed to be in my wedding and I can’t wait to have her share that day with me. 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, is my Maid of Honor, best friend and sister, Lucretia. She is an absolutely amazing woman, wife, and mother of three. My sister and I are 11 years apart in age, so when I was growing up, I didn’t really know her that well. That isn’t because she wasn’t a good sister, it was just a fact of life that she left for college when I was 7. However, distance and age didn’t stop her from becoming one of my best friends and an amazing role model. She has always been an inspiration to me in the way she cares for others, how she is pretty much super mom, but most of all that her faith and heart for God is what motivates her more than anything. I can honestly say that I hope that once I am married and have children, that I will be at least somewhat like she is. 🙂 For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about my wedding day and having Lucretia stand by my side as my Maid of Honor so I am beyond excited that that dream is also coming true this year. 🙂

I just want to say thanks again to each of these women for the influence they have been in my life, the amazing friends they are, and for agreeing to be in my wedding. I couldn’t have this day without them and I’m glad that you have all gotten the chance to meet them.



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