Our Group

Hey there everyone! So I figured it is time that you found out about the rest of Ric and I’s wedding party. I know that with that phrase, people most traditionally think of bridesmaids and groomsmen only. Ric and I aren’t that traditional though, and so our wedding party contains a lot more people than that. Each of these people mean a lot to Ric and I both and we really couldn’t picture our day without them. So since you’ve already met my bridesmaids, I think its time you meet the rest of our crew.

The Groomsmen

  • Ric completely threw me off with this one. In a rather unexpected twist (at least it was in my eyes) Ric asked my two brothers, Jacob and Josiah, and my brother-in-law Kyle to be his groomsmen! I was totally surprised but very excited to have them be involved in my wedding in this way. My brothers and I have always been close and since Kyle has been a part of my sister’s life since I was 9 years old, he is most definitely a brother to me.These guys really do mean the world tome and I know that they wouldn’t have agreed to stand up with Ric unless it meant that they not only thought he was a great guy,but fully supported the idea of us getting married. It really means a lot for this little sister to get the stamp ofapproval from her older brothers.

The Men of Ushing

  • Sadly, in today’s culture, many people do not realize the importance of proper ushing etiquette. It really is a lost art that requires some of the finest talents and most refined manners. Which is why Ric has chosen two of his best friends, Jeremy and Andy to be our Men of Ushing. This last summer, when I went out to Wisconsin for the first time to visit Ric, I was able to attend Jeremy’s wedding! Ric was one of his groomsmen, so he took the week off from working at camp and I got the chance to meet some of Ric’s family & friends. It was really specialfor me to get to see Ric hang out with Jeremy and Andy just because they know him so well, and have been friends with him for such a long time. It was really fun for me to see Ric be in a more familiar environment than Colorado. I can easily understand why these two guys are such great friends of Ric’s and I am so happy that they can come and share in our special day.

The Real Talent

  • Ric and I decided that if the whole wedding thing flops, we should at least hold a concert for everyone. 🙂 No really though, I am so happy to have these people take part in Ric and I’s special day, and not just because of their vocal talents. 🙂 My sweet friend Adreanne, who has been one of my closest friends for as long as I can remember and is honestly my oldest friend, has agreed to sing at our wedding. I am very happy because Adreanne and I have always been close and I really couldn’t picture this day without her. I also remember thinking even when we were little girls, “I want her to sing at my wedding” so it is very special to me that this little childhood wish is coming true. 🙂 Ric’s kid sister Alyssa and her husband Nef have also agreed to sing at our wedding which really means a lot to both of us. They are both really great people and I know they mean the world to Ric, and I am grateful that I will be able to call them family in just a few short months!

Well! That’s all I have for now. I’m sorry that you have to click on the links to see pictures of all these wonderful people. I had a fancy shmancy layout all put together and then my computer decided to hate me. 😦 Please be sure to keep checking in for wedding updates and other ramblings. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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