Charity Danielle

So I would like to just put up a quick post bragging on my sweet little niece. On May 6th my family was richly blessed with the precious gift of a new addition. She is healthy and happy and her mom is doing well. Her baby brother loves her so much and is careful to be sweet and gentle. Her father (my brother) is already wrapped around her little finger. Welcome to the world baby girl!!



So Close!!

Can you believe that we are just 17 days away from the wedding?!?! How on earth did this come up so quickly!! I can hardly believe that in less than 3 weeks it’ll be here. So exciting though!

Plans are coming along great though and thankfully everything is actually going quite smoothly. We really haven’t had too many major hang ups. The main thing now is just not losing steam and still working on everything. Food has been ordered or already purchased. Decorations are almost done. Pretty much all of the supplies have come in. Now it’s just assembling everything! 🙂 Not to mention waiting for the last minute rsvps to be sent in. Its all just been such an exciting time and I can’t wait to put up more pictures and posts as the day gets closer!! 🙂