Well friends it’s been quite a while since I’ve put anything up on here and I apologize for that. Just a few quick updates for everyone and then I promise that I’ll get a little more detailed later on. 🙂

The wedding was wonderful. It was absolutely wonderful and it was so special to see everyone there. I had a wonderful time and I am beyond happy to now be married to my best friend!!

Since then we spent a week at home getting a little more moved in and settled. Such a blessing!! It was so nice to have time to just relax and not have to stress about packing or flights right away. I highly recommend doing this if you are getting married and it’s possible. Delay your honeymoon for a week or even just a few days and just .be together.

After that we had an amazing week down in the Dominican Republic. What a wonderful week in paradise. Great weather and fun adventures. Can’t wait to put up all the pictures.

Now we are home for a week and I’ll try to update if possible. 🙂