Our Wedding

Here is a short slideshow of pictures capturing our happy day. R and I couldn’t be more happy with how our day was or how our marriage has been since. 🙂 We loved every moment of it and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse. 🙂 Pictures were taken by the lovely Lauren Chase. Thanks so much for capturing our special day Lauren! 🙂 We loved having you be there. Enjoy!



It’s ALIVE!!!!!!

Dear friends – 

I am very sorry for my absense (yes, yes I know. We’ve all heard this before. Blah blah blah)

Hopefully everyone will be very happy to hear that nothing terrible has happened to me during my absence and that all has been well in my life. I promise that I will very shortly have some updates for you as to my wedding! (and the joys of the name change process, which is still incomplete), our honeymoon, as well as all of the joys of our summer travels. 🙂 More information to come shortly I promise. Please bear with me during this time. Things have been more than a little hectic around here and my wonderful husband and I are (maybe?) finally all settled in. 🙂 

Thanks for your patience and for hanging in there with me during my silence.