Our Wedding

Here is a short slideshow of pictures capturing our happy day. R and I couldn’t be more happy with how our day was or how our marriage has been since. 🙂 We loved every moment of it and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse. 🙂 Pictures were taken by the lovely Lauren Chase. Thanks so much for capturing our special day Lauren! 🙂 We loved having you be there. Enjoy!



So Close!!

Can you believe that we are just 17 days away from the wedding?!?! How on earth did this come up so quickly!! I can hardly believe that in less than 3 weeks it’ll be here. So exciting though!

Plans are coming along great though and thankfully everything is actually going quite smoothly. We really haven’t had too many major hang ups. The main thing now is just not losing steam and still working on everything. Food has been ordered or already purchased. Decorations are almost done. Pretty much all of the supplies have come in. Now it’s just assembling everything! 🙂 Not to mention waiting for the last minute rsvps to be sent in. Its all just been such an exciting time and I can’t wait to put up more pictures and posts as the day gets closer!! 🙂

Photographers, Kazoos, and All The Little Pieces

Well friends I have some very exciting news! This last week Ric and I were able to find a photographer for our wedding! I’ll be honest, finding a photographer has probably been one of the most stressful parts of planning that I’ve had to deal with. It was worth the wait though, because the lovely and talented Lauren Chase has agreed to help us capture all those special moments of our wedding day. Ric and I are both SO unbelievably excited to have her be a part of our day. She has a great eye and is really willing to work with us. She mentioned over and over that she wants the photos to be a reflection of our day, our unique tastes, and our personalities. In the few hours we spent with her walking around the ranch and the ceremony sites, she already had at least a dozen ideas that we both loved! I am so excited to have her working with us! Thank you so much Lauren!

And in other exciting developments, we have our kazoos! I know this seems like kind of a random thing to be excited about, but let me explain. We aren’t going to have glass drinking glasses at our wedding, so rather that have people use their cutlery with plastic drinkware to try and let Ric and I know we should kiss, we decided to do something different. So we have ordered Kazoos! If you are planning on coming to the wedding, a few things to remember.. hum! Don’t blow! They aren’t a flute, they are (honestly now) a rather annoying children’s toy. 🙂 So have fun with them and hum away!

It is really exciting to see all the little pieces coming together now. My bridesmaids all have their dresses! We are finding all of the little parts and pieces to help our decorating ideas come together. We more or less have an order of ceremony, songs are pretty much picked out. It is certainly exciting times in our part of the world! I’ll keep you posted on updates! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to be a part of our lives! 🙂

The Wedding Planning Continues!

The Wedding Planning Continues!

Well friends it’s full speed ahead now as far as wedding plans and just life in general are concerned. Sorry I have been so silent these past few weeks but with leaving my job and moving home, things have been a little hertic.
I can hardly believe that the wedding is just 7 1/2 weeks away!! That’s so crazy and to be honest it does make me wonder if I’ll get everything done on time. Today though the invitations are being sent out! I love the way they turned out and thank you .ao much to my sister and all the hard work she did to design them. They look amazing! I’ll be sure to post more pictures of them soon! 🙂
Hopefully now that I’m home you will hear from me a little more often. I’m just hoping that I don’t stress out too much with these deadline looming over me. How do you deal with deadlines and pressure? Are they motivational to you or intimidating?